Rose standing up to the Sycorax even though she is so scared VS Rose that stares down a Dalek and laughs in its face (idea by tinyconfusion)


Big time Rush + color palettes

James Maslow attends ‘Dancing With The Stars’ rehearsal on April 16th, 2014 {x}

New House Of Blues photos on Just Jared Jr [x]
The road so far…






Hanging w/@candacecbure@meryl_davis@danicamckellar@markballas@petamurgatroyd@neneleakes@TonyDovolani@DrewFromTVduring #DWTS tonight.
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Hanging w/@candacecbure
during #DWTS tonight.

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Kendall Spanish lesson

In the vortex that lies beyond time and space tumbled a police box that was not a police box. The control room was empty. It was a spacious, brightly lit, chamber. It alone was too big to have fitted, into the battered exterior of the police box, and doors and passageways leading from it hinted at more inexplicable volumes beyond. 

-Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

Make Me Choose (asked by casparsugg): Big Time Rush or 5 Seconds of Summer 

“We don’t really consider ourselves famous. we’re just four dorks who ride around on a bus.”

Week 6 - Quickstep - Vote #TeamJeta